How will I know if my tree is not healthy?

We are working very heard to take care of our trees but how will we know if it is not working and they are getting sick?

Here is what Tristan discovered today

The signs that trees are about to be dead is if it has needles falling off all the branches. Another signs of an ill tree is that the bark is starting to be brittle and falling off the tree, limbs becoming brittle and easy to brake and are falling off or the trunk of the tree.  Most trees become sick from tree disease ,fungus ,insects and old age.if you want more information go to

Luke also found some great information and offered some good advice

Some signs that my tree was sick would be that the pine needles would be turning brown and falling off the tree and the tips of branches.  Your tree could be dying if it has reduced tree growth.   These are some sure signs that my tree is sick the best way to prevent this is to just water them regularly and dont damage any part of the tree.

How old are our trees?

Today we blogged about how old we though our trees are.  Brooke is writing her blog from her trees perspective and here is what she found out.

If you really want to find out your owner might have to cut you down. they can tell the age of the tree by how many rings are on the trunk of that tree. Each year you get another ring around your trunk. So to find out how old you are you have to count the numbers of circles or rings that go around your steam/trunk. Another interesting way is to measure the hight of the tree. Every 12 mm is equal to 1 whole year. So if you have a lot of extra time to figure that out… that is a nother wasy to find out how old the tree is.  In tree school i just researched a tree called Prometheus and he/she lived to be over 5000 years old!!!!! Hopefully i don’t live that long my pine needles will start falling off and my clothes (bark) will start to rip of  too!!!!

Lowell also found out another method that we could use to calculate the age of our tree.  

By boring it. A borer is a saw like thing that you stick into the trunk of a tree that allows you to count the anual rings. Anual rings are layers in a trunk of a tree, every year one anual ring is made. The borer cuts out a long peice of wood frome the inside of a tree trunk. Each section on the peice cut out is part of anual ring. By counting each section you can find the aproximate age of the tree.  I have also learned that coniferous trees grow very slowly.

Neven found out an interesting facts about tree rings themselves.

If the rings are wide the year was good for growing trees and if the rings narrow the year was very dry .

How are Our Trees Using the Water?

Now that we are taking care of our own trees we are noticing that everyday we water them the water disappers so our assignement today was  to find out how is the water helping our tree grow.  Here is what Lowell found out.  

 Trees use water to make food, the process of trees making food is called photosynthesis. First the tree’s roots suck up the water frome the ground and it travels through the roots and up the trunk to the leaves. Meanwhile the leaves on the tree are taking in sunlight from the top and inhaleing corbon dyoxide. The leaves contain a green substance call chlorophil that take the sunlight, carbon dyoxide and the water/ nutrients that came with the water in the soil to make food for the tree. During this process the tree releases oxygen into the air for us to breath. Here is a diagram of photo synthesis:

We have trees

Each person in our class is now growing thier very own tree and from now until the end of the month we will be learning about our trees and trying to keep them alive.  Monday our job was to find out what kind of tree we were taking care of.  Here is what Katie wrote:

Day 1

I have just been planted and i am getting used to my new home. I am still a baby so im called a sapling. Im not sure what kind of tree i am yet but i think im a pine tree. I look kinda like this but my needles are littler than this. Pine trees are coniferous and i am coniferous! 

Steven found this picture that we hope will motivate out trees!